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Talking About Diagnostic Tests For Medical Care

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Talking About Diagnostic Tests For Medical Care

Osteoarthritis & Video Game Players: 4 Ways Rheumatology Treatment Can Help

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The development of osteoarthritis (OA) is a joint disease that can impact the hands. Specifically, it can cause damage to the cartilage, bones, ligaments, and joints of your hands. For video game players, the onset of OA can dramatically change the way you play. Two hands are often needed for a majority of video games, but the pain and discomfort associated with OA can result in poor performance or the inability to play all together. Instead of giving up your love for video games, there are four ways rheumatology treatments can help you cope with OA and have the ability to play.

Controller Use

When OA impacts the hands, one of the biggest challenges is properly using a controller. Controllers have to be gripped while multiple actions are often done at the same time. When booking appointments for rheumatology treatment, it's often a good idea to bring a controller with you. This should be a controller that you use most often for video games. By bringing the controller, a doctor can help you make adjustments and choose the best grip to help cope with your pain and not cause further damage.

Along with the treatment sessions, you may get referred to a physical therapist. A therapist can help you build hand muscles and perform a variety of exercises to help you improve the controller functions.

Adaptive Video Game Accessories

As the OA worsens in your hands, you can schedule an appointment for rheumatology treatment to discuss different options for playing video games. Instead of just adjusting to your current controller, a doctor may recommend a variety of adaptive video game accessories. These accessories will put less stress on specific hand movements that may cause damage or pain. For example, if a doctor's scan reveals OA present in the fingertips, a doctor may recommend a joystick controller that relies on full finger movements rather than just a specific focus on the fingertips.

Doctors may also have other equipment that can help support your wrist or hand while playing. A custom-fitted wrist guard can add extra support for extended gaming sessions. Special chairs may be ordered to give you better posture and support your arms. Larger arm rests can help with blood flow and relaxation for your hands while you play. Some chairs may be ordered specifically to cater to your size and needs while playing.

Earned Playing Time

One of the biggest concerns with playing video games when diagnosed with OA is a lack of exercise. Staying active can help reduce the progression of OA and make it easier to complete daily activities. During rheumatology treatment appointments, a doctor can set up a plan to help increase your exercise habits and still give you plenty of time to enjoy video games. It's all about balance and proper scheduling. For example, if a doctor wants you to exercise for at least 30 minutes each day, then with those 30 minutes you can earn some time playing the video games. A doctor can determine how much video game activity is recommended for your OA and use that to set up the personalized plan.


Another solution established through your treatment are prescriptions. A number of drugs can help reduce the pain and swelling in your hand due to OA. For example, your doctor may prescribe a cream that helps alleviate pain while you play. The cream may be applied just before you play and when it is completed. Special shots may also be administered to reduce swelling and pain in your hands. This can allow you to play video games without the OA pain that comes with it. Your doctor will use your personal medical history and situation to determine the exact prescriptions that you need.

If video games are an important part of your daily life then do not be afraid to express this to your doctor. They can help guide you the treatments and extend your video game playing for as long as possible. For more information, contact a specialist like those at Arthritis & Rheumatology Associates of South Jersey