Talking About Diagnostic Tests For Medical Care
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Talking About Diagnostic Tests For Medical Care

Hello, my name is Gregory. When I was a young lad, I had to enter the health care world in an unexpected way. I developed a serious disease out of the blue that took doctors by surprise. I went through so many different testing procedures before my doctors could diagnose the rare disease. Everyone around me reeled as they tried to understand the purpose and process of the diagnostic tests. I hope to help others understand these important tests better through this website. Please come by often to learn all you need to know about medical diagnostics and working closely with health care professionals.

Talking About Diagnostic Tests For Medical Care

  • The Why's, What's, And When's Of Immunizations For Adults

    7 September 2022

    Which immunizations do you need? Vaccines aren't just for children—adults need these potentially life-saving injections too. If you're not up to date on your vaccinations, take a look at the whys, whats, and whens of adult immunizations.  Why Do Adults Need Vaccinations? Adults need vaccinations for the same reason children do—to prevent disease. While vaccines aren't perfect and won't completely eliminate the diseases they aim to prevent, these injections can reduce the risks of serious infection, hospitalization, or even death.

  • Should Your College-Aged Child Still See A Pediatrician?

    2 August 2022

    Can your college-aged teen see the pediatrician—or should they switch to an adult primary care physician (PCP)? Even though your teen is ready to move out and move on to college, they still need a primary physician. If you're not sure whether they're too old to visit a children's doctor or not, take a look at the top questions parents have about the college transition and health care.  Is There An Age Cutoff For Pediatric Patients?

  • The Truth About Marijuana: An FAQ On The Health Benefits Of Cannabis

    1 July 2022

    Marijuana legalization is a hot-button topic that has recently gained traction in the US. As more and more states legalize cannabis for both medical and recreational use, people are starting to ask questions about the plant. What is marijuana? What are its health benefits? Is it safe? This article tackles some of the most common questions about marijuana and its health effects. So, if you're curious about marijuana, read on for a few crucial things you need to know.

  • 5 Tips For Wearing Orthotics

    26 May 2022

    There are a number of conditions that can cause foot pain, including arthritis, bunions, plantar fasciitis, and tendonitis. If you suffer from foot pain, you may have trouble participating in simple activities, even walking short distances. Luckily, you may be able to solve this dilemma by wearing orthotics. These medical devices are inserted in your shoes and can treat a lot of different foot ailments. Although they can take a little while to get used to, orthotics are very effective.

  • Enlarged Prostate 101: Problems To Watch For

    22 April 2022

    A man's prostate will continue to grow throughout his entire life, but that doesn't mean that it's going to become problematic. In most situations, it's only problematic if it's enlarged. Although most people know that an enlarged prostate can be a problem, few people really understand enlarged prostates and what they actually mean.  If you're struggling with waking up in the night to urinate, it may be caused by an enlarged prostate.